Dave May - Photo courtesy of Dean Miller Photography
Dave May – Photo courtesy of Dean Miller Photography

The 2016/17 Victorian Mini Sprint Club season got underway at Redline Raceway on top of a mountain on a wet and miserable night, where the beginning of the new & exciting ‘Hurricane Automotive Products’ Wild West Shootout finished with a victory to Dave May.

Eight drivers including Owen, Peter & Nyora Camp Quality Day standout Darren Schnoor, Brad Lowe, David May, Jason Lynn, Andrew Burleigh & David Alie made the show with more competitors to come through the season, which includes the Wild West Shoot Out, the Gold Cup series, a Victorian Title & a number of feature events.

Heat one got underway with Burleigh (# 17 – Ultimate Awards) starting from the pole position with Lynn alongside Alie & Lowe behind them and May and the three Schnoor lads. Lynn took the first lap lead with Lowe and Darren Schnoor chasing whilst Burleigh dropped back to fourth. May who was fifth on lap one then put his skates on and flew past others into second spot over the next couple of laps.

Lynn proved to be very strong in the lead and over the next four laps Lynn he held sway over May. When the field reached the chequered flag, Lynn was the winner from May, Lowe (# 44 – First National Real Estate Carey), Burleigh, Peter Schnoor & Owen Schnoor, whilst Darren did not finish due to electrical issues & Alie (# 9 – McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabrications) didn’t finish either blowing a gasket.

Into the second heat race Darren Schnoor _# 6 – (Wonthaggi Motorcycles) got back on track and started from the front with May. Schnoor had a superb start leading May, Lynn, Lowe & Burleigh past the flagman for lap one, on the next circulation May assumed the front whilst on lap three Darren Schnoor again pulled out of a race with the same electrical concerns.

Lowe moved into second at Darren Schnoors demise with Burleigh, Peter Schnoor (# 33 – Quality Transport Refrigeration Services) & Lynn further back. May lapped Lynn & Owen Schnoor on his way to victory over Lowe, Burleigh, Peter Schnoor, Lynn & Owen Schnoor.

Peter Schnoor started in the prime position to start the final heat with Lowe alongside, with May, Burleigh, May & Owen Schnoor. Lowe was quickest out of the blocks leading Burleigh, May (# 4 – Allstate Excavations), Peter Schnoor, Lynn & Owen Schnoor on lap one. Lowe held onto the lead until Burleigh took that lead on lap four with May still in third. On lap five May past Lowe into second. Over the next three laps Burleigh was able maintain the lead in a great result for the win over May, Lowe, Lynn, Peter * Owen Schnoor.

The track for heat three in many drivers opinions was the best track the class had raced on, the rain and the track preparation all worked in favour for a smooth & quick canvas, the drivers including rookie Owen Schnoor who had got off to a great start in his Mini Sprint career, finishing all three of the qualifying heats, could not stop raving about the race after it was finished.

With an inversion in the field meaning the top qualifier started at the rear in front of the rookie, Lowe & Lynn started at the front in the final. Peter Schnoor didn’t get away having fuel filter issues.

Jason Lynn - Photo courtesy of Dean Miller Photography
Jason Lynn – Photo courtesy of Dean Miller Photography

Lowe led Lynn past the start line on lap one & the next three in a great start. On the fourth lap May moved from back in fourth to first. Testimony to how well Owen Schnoor was doing, it took until lap seven for May to ass him. As the race came to a close, May locked in victory in round one of the ‘Hurricane Automotive Products’ Wild West Shootout. Lowe crossed the line second ahead Lynn, Burleigh & Owen Schnoor rounding out the finishers.

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Written by
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