At DMT Sports Media we prefer to call ‘Sponsorship Proposals’, ‘Advertising Arrangements’ when dealing with the potential investor and when speaking with us you can find out why. We work with a proven template of our own and we make no ‘Cold Calls’ when chasing deals for you & we understand that the reason you are getting DMT Sports Media to do the work is because you’re not really sure of what to say or how to present it.

For Sponsorship Proposals we have an upfront cost for the template plus coverage of contact and a % of money raised. Think of it this way, if DMT finds you someone that is happy to sponsor you $5000 that you didn’t have and then takes their fee out, your still ending up with a fair bit of money you didn’t have before.

Part of any sponsorship deal is to know what to be offering a sponsor and DMT Sports Media can help to ensure you understand completely and offer tips that will ensure success.


DMT ensures that magazines, newspapers and relevant radio/television media to your sporting pursuit receives all press releases about you and your team, DMT also ensures that community newspapers relevant to you also receive the news.

It really doesn’t matter how many times a magazine directly associated with your own sport prints your media, however it is always good when they do.

The real key is to be letting people in your community and the potential sponsors you are trying to secure deals with know what you’re doing because they are the people more likely to throw sponsorship dollars your way.

Media releases are vital to have before or concurrently whilst chasing sponsorships, talk to DMT to learn why.

DMT ensures that all your current Sponsors get the news on what is going on with you, direct to their very own emails to save you the time of running around after your latest sporting event to tell them. This is to ensure that when you need to speak to them about a new agreement between you and them that they already know how well your season went and if it didn’t go well they already know why.

Dean will guide you and your team into when it is best to do releases, how often and what about and will provide you a working document in order for information to be documented and faxed through to DMT to complete the relevant media work.


Ask us for a referral to a website developer who can build a site according to your requirements & enter into a management agreement with you to ensure the website lives and breathes and remains useful to your promotion.


Speak to us about having an internet TV show made covering your event/club/association. The video will attract sponsors and interested parties to your product.

If you are a driver, ask us what is involved in making a promotional DVD that you can share to show potential sponsors you and your team. Use this tool, to lock in deals with financial supporters.


DMT Sports Media commentates in various forms of Motorsport with the required styles depending on what is being called. The majority of our work is at Speedway events at a number of venues across Victoria and NSW.

We have a team of announcers to suit the style required. If you’re looking for a commentator for your events, who combines knowledge, passion and excitement we suggest you get in touch with us.


All facets of DMT Sports Media can be grouped together and considered Sports Management. If you’re a Sportsperson in need of all this and contractual management and anything you would like to negotiate that contributes to your success as a sportsperson and or team then DMT Sports Media would be happy to speak to you and share what we can achieve together.

Sports Management includes finding people to help you sell your property or sell a property to you because you don’t have time, booking your daily schedule, having people complete your errands and just anything that interferes with your training and interstate and international need to travel.


DMT is a freelance writer currently in the Speedway Industry with Inside Speedway being the biggest supporter of DMT’s work. Other publications include Peter White’s Speedway World, Speedway Sedan Digest & Speedway Racing News online and whilst not publishing his work but using it as a platform to create their own stories, Totally Speedway also value DMT’s work.

DMT has an interest in Speedway, MMA, Boxing, Cycling specifically and almost any other sport and is well equipped to get your story into your sporting industry’s magazines.


In 2011 DMT Sports Media entered into Event Management. DMT is a great ‘idea’s business’ and now these idea’s are seeing life through Event Management. The 2011 ‘Morris Finance Ltd’ Modified Production Victorian Open was the first event that DMT had any creative responsibility in being involved with. As a result 5 former Australian Champions (current Champion was retired) and 20 competitors from interstate travelled to Victoria for a big $5000 to win Speedway event.

In events management Dean can be directly involved in securing the sports people and teams, locking in sponsorship, implementing ideas and liaising with stake holders and taking care of the media.


Do you have a business that is involved in speedway or could be beneficial to speedway?

Do you want that business promoted to a large speedway audience?

DMT Sports Media currently has over 4000 people following it on Facebook alone. DMT can help promote your business by creating a Facebook page for you or being added to your current page as an administrator and under a social media management agreement we can ensure you are in the spotlight through page output and relevance of information.